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Leigh Johnston, DVM


Dr. Johnston graduated from Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2010 and has been practicing as a small animal veterinarian for the past 10 years. For the last six of those years, she has worked as an independent relief veterinarian offering her the chance to be flexible, meet many new colleagues and friends, and provide for her family. Her relief work is what introduced her to Frisco West Animal Medical Center where she very much enjoyed the time she spent working with our team! So much so that we invited her to join the team in 2020!

In her non-veterinary hours, she loves reading, running, dancing, singing, great wine, great food, and great friends and family. Dr. Johnston is blessed to have had an amazing husband, James, for the past 16 years and together they have created a crazy family! They have two sets of twins that are two years apart and every day with them is an adventure! Of course, the whole family knows that the real boss is their great big, loveable, drooling labrador/bloodhound rescue pup (“labra-hound” if you feel fancy) Sully. He is the best dog a big family of kids could ask for! She is already enjoying getting to know the clients and pets of Frisco West Animal Medical Center.

Dr. Leigh Johnston, DVM

Frisco West Animal Medical Center